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Dijital Ortamda Hasta Çocuklara Yönelik Hikâye Anlatıcılığı Deneyimi
The creative arts can be used to support stakeholders of mental health services to communicate and share their lived experience. Digital storytelling is one method that has been used to capture people’s lived experience Unfortunately, research on digital storytelling for individuals in the hospital environment is quite limited.The aim of this study is to determine the opinions on the story created by the students of the department of painting, who took the course for Special Education and Inclusion for sick children and youth in the Pediatric Surgery service of the university, and their experiences on the subsequent storytelling in the digital environment afterwards, and to determine the opinions of the service doctors and the chief physician in the hospital on the digital recording made. For this purpose, the students of the department of painting were asked to create and re-enact a story for sick children in the special education and inclusion course in the spring term of 2021-2022. The students chose the story “You Are as You Are”, in which the protagonists are animals. Expert opinion on the suitability of the chosen story was obtained and necessary adaptations were made to the story to give it its final form. Students were asked to prepare masks and stage decorations for the selected story. After the preparations, test shots were made and while storytelling was done by the lecturer, the students re-enacted the story with their masks. In the study, which was conducted with semi-structured interview, which is one of the qualitative research methods, the opinions of painting teacher candidates and course advisors, doctors in the pediatric surgery service of the university and the chief physician of the hospital were obtained. When creating the semi-structured form to be applied to the students, expert opinion was taken from two experts in the field of health and special education, and the form was given its final shape. Opinions were received in written form, via WhatsApp or e-mail. The received opinions were analyzed by descriptive analysis and themes were obtained. The research author and an expert in the field of special education examined the themes and found a similarity of 95%. Students' opinions were collected and evaluated under four themes. When the opinions of university students were analyzed as a result of the research; in the theme of their thoughts about the study; they stated that they wanted sick children to see the masks and videos they prepared for them, that they cared a lot while preparing the mask and wanted them to be sturdy, that they found the place where the mask and video would reach very valuable, that they could empathize with sick children because they had relatives in the hospital, that they had a lot of fun, that they wanted to participate in such a study once again, that they took part in this project by thinking about the smile on children's faces, that they had some difficulty in creating or choosing a story, and that they thought that children in the hospital would enjoy this mini-theater. In the theme of what they could do for children with special needs, they stated that they wanted to make them love the visual arts lesson, they wanted to make art a part of their lives, they wanted to organize activities for them in the hospital and show them that they were not alone, and that every moment these children spent loving, laughing, playing, spending quality time, and living a full life would make their illnesses and disabilities disappear. In the theme of their plans for these children in their future professional life, they said that they would like to work with such children in different projects; and in the theme of how they felt during the work: they stated that they willingly and enthusiastically participated in the study. Hospital doctors and head physicians stated that they are inclined towards these kinds of activities, and experts watching the recording stated that they found the suitability of the story, the selection of the story heroes and the storytelling in the digital environment successful It is believed that this research will shed light on digital applications for both patients and non-patients in the future, which gained importance during the pandemic period.

Hospital , sick children and youth, digital storytelling, masks, animation,

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